Back Story on the Creator:

My name is Dr. Paul Coates and I used to work in the field of high powered electro magnets. Directly out of college and the military I became ‘Director of Special Projects’ for American Mag-Lev, Inc. as Contact Officer to The Army Corps of Engineers. High Power magnetics has always been a part of my career ever since.

On August 10th of 2008, I had a heart attack. Since my heart attack and subsequent pacemaker install on my last birthday, I haven’t been able to work in my field of high energy particle physics and high temperature super-conducting magnets. Planet Green Central is my idea of adjusting to a simpler income and cleaner life, without all of the high power magnets which are really bad for pacemakers.

Now, as a Physicist turned Hippie, I look at the LOW TECH and eco-friendly trends of society today and apply the same logic and science to solving the every day needs of the planet.

The Problem:

While researching online for information on how I, or anyone else, can live a greener life, simply and inexpensively, I found that what was needed was a central repository for good ideas, and information. What I found was very little more than a few companies openly, and deeply invested in promoting over priced products, and others with little or no information about themselves, or how to locate, purchase or use the products which really do work at improving the environment, at a reasonable price.

The Concept:

Planet Green Central is a place where anyone can add to the green-blog-sphere through our community blog, shopping and social networking site. We plan on providing fully interactive, Forums, Blogs, Social Networking site with free registrations.

Were also gathering leading professionals to help publish complete DIY type Articles, Videos, and Podcasts, each complete with Plans, Parts, Suppliers, Recipes, Ingredients and tips, just like anyone looking to make the change to green will need to know. No more Googling people and companies mentioned in popular media or obscure references in articles published years ago, only to find out that the company folded or that the company site is actually held by a web hosting / domain squating barron hoping to turn a fast buck, without the inconvenience of moral or ethical values.

The Payoff:

With Registration in our Social Networking site, we plan to also include automatic registration in our affiliate marketing, site referral, revenue sharing program with all members of the site.

How it will work:

Green Companies, large and small, will be able to purchase advertising on the site and in our Video podcasts, and that income will be shared across the entire membership, based on number of referrals to the site each member generates with their own affiliate link.

Refer your friends, and any that sign up count towards increases to your Membership Share. Even if your friends just visit but they don’t sign up, that web traffic increases the value of the advertising, and thereby the monthly payoff value of your Membership Share.

The Green Solution:

This type of whole earth modeling system, and applied social networking structure, makes it easy to earn money and do something great for the environment at the same time. By promoting only green companies, products and events we hope to leave a valuable legacy to the next generation of life on this planet.